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    The 1999 Toyota Rav4 is a great vehicle that has earned its good reputation for its reliability, easy maintenance, good gas mileage, on-road and off-road prowess. 1999 Toyota Rav4 model is a midsized SUV used as a reliable family car and a mini sport-utility vehicle. Toyota Rav4 hybrid has increased in demand and has become popular in the market due to its relatively low cost, fuel economy, integrated systems, cabin size, and the exterior sporty image.
    Every Toyota Rav4 model in this generation offers excellent performance, smooth and quiet ride. The integrated control systems and its stability make the 1999 Toyota Rav4 hybrid fun to drive. This Rv4 model was an upgrade to solve the minor complaints reported by the 1998 Toyota Rav4 owners. The modification done to advance the previous model is a head-turner to improve the reputation for durability, reliability and enable the Rav4 model to continue posting upgrade entries in its class.
    This year Toyota Rav4 Model added an optional leather interior and covered car seats. All the doors in the 1999 Toyota Rav4 models came with a soft top that affected the previous model. Open-air monitoring is facilitated by the folding fabric top to keep viewing the back-seat passengers. A substantial sunroof covers front seat passengers and the driver.
    The Alfa Romeo, Land Rover, Honda Accord, and Land Cruiser compare car properties with the 1999 Toyota Rav4 model. They are a group of competitors in terms of size, cargo capacity, automatic and manual transmissions. 1999 Toyota Rav4 models feature a lockable center variance mainly on manual transmissions. This rocking differential on the Rav4 model offers traction advantages in all-wheel drive. Rav4 owners have reported various troubles listed as the most common car complaints on this hybrid.
    Most Common 1999 Toyota Rav4 Problems
    Every vehicle in the market is linked with various minor complaints that require auto repair. Many issues result from age or lack of regular maintenance, and they are serious issues to lower the car value. 1999 Toyota Rav4 model does experience such problems. If planning to sell your car and upgrade into a 1999 Toyota Rav4 hybrid, follow the following guidelines to compare car features and the commonly reported complaints.
    * Transmission Issues
    The 1999 Toyota Rav4 hybrid is reported to have a variety of transmission failures. Rav4 owners complain about lurching forward at low speed. The transmission is also said to come with loud bangs and clunks during hard shifts. The manual transmission to the 5th gear becomes hard, and sometimes the driver’s experiences gear slipping and delayed shifts.
    Other Rav4 owners have reported transmission lagging or a complete failure to shift into the gear. Toyota dealership has been unable to determine these problems’ cause, and it has become hard to repair this system. Regular maintenance can keep your Rav4 models away from this flaw.
    * Leaking Coolant
    1999 Toyota Rav4 hybrids equipped with 2.5-liter engines are mostly linked with this issue. A faulty fuel pump can be the leading cause of this problem. When it’s damaged, various fluids will start leaking in your engine. Toyota dealership made a safety recall to auto repair the porosity in the engine casting. This sponginess is prone to cracking, causing the coolant leakage in both interior and exterior.
    Rav4 model porosity cracks are mainly caused by air bubbles that usually develop in the metal wire used to manufacture the engines. This leak may cause your Rav4 model to overheat and stall. Toyota has issued a safety recall to solve this manufacturing flaw.
    * Steering problems
    The 1999 Toyota Rav4 model is reported to have various steering concerns. Rav4 owners have minor complaints on the steering wheel when pulling to the side, steering is like a flat tire and is in heavy crosswinds during a typical day drive. Getting the steering to the center is an issue, and turning it slightly to the right or left is a bad experience.
    Due to age, the 1999 Toyota Rav4 creates a knocking noise on its turn. Also, Rav4 owners experience a sudden vibration on the steering wheel upon acceleration. No safety recall has been issued to this problem yet.
    * Seat belts problems
    1999 Toyota Rav4 hybrid is reported to have control system restraint. Airbag warning illuminates indicating faulty seat belts. The flaw is likely to disable the restraint system, such as seat belts and airbags. Toyota has issued safety recalls solving this problem.
    1999 Toyota Rav4 Recalls
    There are four official safety recalls issued by NHTSA. Rav4 owners enjoy free repairs to the various manufacturer flaws and other repairs due to regular maintenance that was a cost to the owner. If your 1999 Toyota Rav4 hybrid is affected:
    * Check your Rav4 model vehicle’s identification number
    * Compile the manufacturer recall ID
    * Contact any near Toyota dealership for auto repair and regular maintenance.
    1999 Toyota Rav4 is a re-engineered model with comfortable seating and smooth ride. It’s integrated with control systems that typically make it fun to drive. Rav4 owners need to have in mind that this model experiences various system failures and requires regular maintenance. 1999 Toyota Rav4 hybrid is affected by engine problems, Hummer H3 PCM and using the Engine Control Module (ECM) to monitor its behavior can lower this problem.
    1. What problems do Toyota Rav4 have?
    Like any other vehicle, the Rav4 hybrid does have most trouble that requires regular maintenance and auto repairs. The most listed car complaints by Toyota Rav4 owners lower the car value. They include Engine problems, Transmission failure, Steering issues, and fluid leaks.
    2. What is a 1999 Toyota Rav4 worth?
    1999 Toyota Rav4 hybrid worth ranges between $500 and $2,224. Though the price is not constant, it varies depending on the Rav4 model configuration, gas mileage, and maintenance condition.
    3. Is a Toyota Rav4 a reliable car?
    Quality features, durability, and reliability has made Rav4 be a popular midsized SUV. It offers a comfortable ride, and it’s fun to drive with on-road and off-road prowess. Toyota Rav4 is a valued and reliable car in the market.
    4. Why is my Toyota Rav4 shaking?
    Any abnormal vibrating or shaking forces on the Toyota Rav4 model comes from the engine. Old plugs can contribute to this abnormality due to uneven power delivery. It can also be a problem caused by broken cup holders or broken engine mounts. Internal engine damage may also lead to this unusual shaking.

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