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    <br>We help companies of all sizes understand the regulatory requirements, maintain compliance, and identify and maximize benefits available under applicable programs. EPA for international and domestic renewable gasoline producers, and also renewable fuel importers. Transportation fuel regulations governed by the U.S. Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) Quality Assurance Plan (QAP), RIN-tegrity®, is approved by the U.S. Weaver focuses on performing a variety of attestation and auditing providers that are directly related to petroleum and renewable fuels compliance. Weaver is among the largest providers of EPA attestation solutions in the U.S. Weaver’s Energy Compliance Services practice is dedicated to helping companies navigate compliance with evolving regulations. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Environment and Climate Change Canada and various other agencies are substantial areas of focus for the practice. We have extensive experience with traditional petroleum-based fuel programs as well as renewable fuel programs, which are rooted in the Clean Air Act, Low Carbon Fuels Standards, and other regulations and energy transition initiatives.<br>

    <br>Click here for a complete list of Weaver’s approved QAP pathways. As a California Air Resources Board (CARB) accredited verification body, Weaver performs validation and verification required by the Low Carbon Fuel Standard Program (LCFS). Weaver can be an approved auditor beneath the EPA’s Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) Quality Assurance Plans (QAP) system. Gas off-takers, such as for example utilities, marketers and production facilities, can take advantage of the extra confidence this certification presents also. Weaver focuses on providing operational support, strategic guidance and regulatory consulting solutions to the petroleum and renewable fuels industries. Any producer of gas, whether from fossil or renewable sources, is permitted participate in Gas-tegrity. Among only a few qualified companies, Weaver has been provided acceptance by the EPA to supply its RIN-tegrity® verification provider to U.S. EPA’s Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), as you of only a few licensed QAP auditors in the nation, and with California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS), to record that a facility is following guidelines to control methane releases. We of professionals comes with an in-depth knowledge of state and federal fuel compliance needs. Weaver’s Gas-tegrity certification provides objective, third-party verification that gas manufacturers are following industry guidelines to control methane emissions, both intentional and unintentional, and create responsibly sourced fuel (RSG). This scheduled program leverages our experience with the U.S. Annual EPA attest engagements (agreed-upon procedures) required under the U.S. Weaver offers verified a lot more than six billion RINs to date. General consulting services linked to the U.S. Numerous our professionals are accredited and encountered LCFS lead verifiers.<br>

    <br>Our development applications, workshops, and customizable classes deliver well-reasoned and relevant content material in ways that engage and attract from the several and diverse experiences and perspectives present in the room. Our proven training products provide real-world quite happy with high energy and interactions that capitalize on the benefits of leaders learning jointly. Coaching is a procedure that unlocks, unblocks, and advances just how he is used by a leader or herself within an organization to bring value. An otherwise strong innovator needs a laser-focused understanding experience Sometimes. WORKING RIVER LEADERSHIP CONSULTING, a Ohio training boutique northeast, delivers and designs B2B and B2C learning services and products for working professionals, supervisors, and organizational leaders. Through assessment, strategic dialogue, stretch assignments, and problem solving, Coaching works to transform a head’s performance positively, and by extension, the continuing business results they can produce. Mission to help people walk in their unique brand of leadership in ways that add lasting value to their organizations and themselves. Great items happen when leaders understand among additional leaders.<br>

    <br>With an focus on Best and then practice, our classes are outcome-oriented by style, so that our clients aren’t just getting something interesting and academic, but useful strategy they can fast apply. Our customizable strategy function starts with The Why and the Mission usually, or the group’s reason behind being. Other high-demand providers have involved an array of non-training options such as goal setting techniques (including OKRs: Objectives & Key Results) and metric setting (including KPIs: Key Performance Indicators), competency assessment, interpreting feedback comments and surveys reporting based on key person interviews, problem-solving and white-boarding classes, panel participation, leadership simulation observation, and facilitation of retreats and off-web site meetings. An easy and diverse range of practice areas will be the basis of our consulting work and tailor-made options that can suit your unique needs. And it results in a Vision with future-looking pathways focused on what is needed to close the gap. Whether its technologies, talent acquisition, or employee development, we can help you draw a straight range from where you are-to where you want to be in a way that aligns with and supports the enterprise business imperatives.<br>

    <br>Are you finding your way through what’s next at the job right now? What differentiates your organization from others truly? You would like to climb. Leadership development is business growth. You have to business lead smarter. An expense in your leaders can be an investment in your business. Working River Leadership Consulting helps agencies develop the competence and confidence of their leaders. In order to develop your business you have to develop your leaders. In a industry where your competitors harder are trying to work, to truly operate and stand apart, you need to work smarter. Higher quality? Sharper advancement? Conscientious customer support? Efficiency? No matter what makes or breaks your organization, at the biggest market of it are your leaders, and they are only doing 1 of 2 things: powering your development or accelerating your demise. You intend to be on an upward trajectory. In the final finish, your leaders are usually your company’s only genuine strategic advantage. You intend to be promotable or get your leadership to the next level.<br>

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