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    Google developed the Keyword Planner as part of their Google Ads platform to help companies choose the right keywords to target with their ad campaigns. That’s why it only provides metrics that are relevant for paid search, such as search volume, CPC, and Google Ads competition. When done right, the best keyword research tools simplify and streamline your workflow—they make it easier to find the right keywords to target and give you the data you need to actually rank for them. But they shouldn’t require you to empty out your bank account and sell your first-born child in order to access that data. Our keyword suggestion tool is the most complete tool on the web and even more complete than the Google Keyword Planner. We gather different sources of cross-referencing data to generate reports with up to 3000 keyword suggestions. Our SEO database contains hundreds of millions of Google ranks as well as all the related search keywords all analyzed via our algorithms and cross-referencing data. We want to provide you with keyword suggestions that will make a positive difference for your website in the SERP. Using these SEO metrics will make it easier for you to know which keywords will bring in the most traffic, potential sales and ROI. If you loved this short article and you would certainly like to receive more facts concerning site kindly check out our website. It’s with the help of these metrics that you should base your decision on what keywords to use in your website content. All the SEO metrics including the keyword column are filterable so that you can analyze them in the way you want. The keyword search volume is particularly important so that you’re not optimizing a keyword which no searcher uses in their search engine requests. Google Search Console—probably the first tool that comes to mind when thinking of keyword intel—only shows data for keywords you actually rank for. This means that it’s not a great solution for keyword research itself, and it’s not at all useful for any kind of competitive analysis. Plus, you don’t get actual stats for keywords/ search volume—you see impressions that reflect how many times your URL ranking for that keyword was seen.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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