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    First of all, it is important to know the basics of Military Time. Military Time always contains 4 digits where the first 2 digits are for hours and the second 2 digits are for minutes. While saying “oh” for “zero” (“Be there at ‘oh six hundred!'”) is colloquial and often seen in movies and TV, saying “zero” is a part of military communication protocol. Have you ever asked yourself, “Why are there 24 hours in a day? ” There have been archaeological finds tracing back all the way to the Ancient Egyptians that help answer this question. In the case of any set time that is not rounded to the hour, the “hundred” is usually not indicated. While each branch of the United States military has mixed forces, each one has a specific mission. When local law enforcement can’t restore law and order, the US military gets the call. You then add one hundred for each hour, so 1 a. If you treasured this article and you would like to acquire more info concerning homepage nicely visit our own page. m. I am Everett Bledsoe, taking on the responsibility of content producer for The Soldiers Project. My purpose in this project is to give honest reviews on the gear utilized and tested over time. Of course, you cannot go wrong when checking out our package of information and guide, too, as they come from reliable sources and years of experience. The UK is not on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) all year. During Daylight Saving Time the correct time zone is British Summer Time (BST). On the other hand, times between 2359 and 2400 represent the last minute of a given day. The issue of time in this scenario is important because while it may not have been a major factor during the Civil War, it was certainly an issue that came up after the war ended. In fact, it was even something that was discussed during the Mexican-American War, which is considered the first of the “modern wars”. Navy began setting up its Military Timekeeping Service, it was originally designed for military purposes only. This included keeping track of military bases and planning operations around the world.

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