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    Also, unauthorized downloads are against YouTube’s terms of service, and TechRadar does not condone the use of these products for any copyright-infringing purposes. The total number of monthly active users of YouTube is 2 billion, and music occupies an absolute leading position in the total share of video. Almost everyone can find music they like on YouTube. For some particularly favorite music, I believe everyone has the urge to download it, which is why tools such as Youtube MP3 converter are very popular. Copy the URL of a youtube video, paste it into the form field on our website’s homepage and click on the Download button. After a few moments, you will be able to get your video converted into mp3. Conversely, if you raise the bitrate quality, the audio standard will be higher. There are few YouTube videos to MP3 converters available for the iPhone. Beware of fake apps that ask for credentials of your YouTube without providing the utility. Full-integrated browser to search for YouTube videos before converting and downloading them into MP3s. For more options for converting YouTube videos to MP4 and MP3, we also have a dedicated list of the12 Best Free YouTube Downloaders for iPhone & iPad. Downloading music through YouTube-to-MP3 converters is generally frowned upon and using downloaded music in an uploaded video is against YouTube’s terms of use. It’s the downward-pointing arrow on the right side of the window. A preview will appear.If you’re adding an entire playlist, click the list icon to the right of the playlist name to add all songs to the download queue. See our article on what you should know about YouTube Premium. But the downside is that the music is still in video form, so streaming can end up wasting a lot of bandwidth. (Painful if you have monthly data caps.) Which is why you should convert YouTube videos into MP3 files.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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