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    The excitement for tennis is at its highest thanks to the Wimbledon season. And now is the best time to work off all that cream and strawberries by heading to the tennis courts yourself.

    But it’s more than just calorie-burning. Tennis offers a variety of physical, mental and social advantages and we’ve comprised a list of the top 10 reasons why you should pick up your tennis racket, embrace your inner Andy Murray and get ready for game, set and match.

    A Head-to toe Workout
    Tennis is an excellent way to move your body. While you play your legs are always moving in some way regardless of whether it’s running, jumping , or bending. Since your legs are always striving to improve their performance, this makes them stronger.

    The sport of tennis requires the majority of your upper body, especially the arms and shoulders. To ensure you can control the ball when hitting it the upper part of your body must be strong enough to take multiple turns, twists and turns.

    Improves cognitive abilities
    Tennis requires a lot Check More Details Here thinking and decision-making. You must consider the actions of your body, the direction of the ball, your opponent’s movements and even the conditions you are playing in. This approach allows you to quickly develop a plan and then execute it without stressing about it.

    By consistently making quick decisions and acting on them, your cognitive skills will improve both on and off the court as your brain will adapt to this method of thinking when you are put under pressure.

    Boosts mood
    Endorphins can be released in tennis, and other sports. This chemical reduces stress and helps you feel happier after participating in physical activities like tennis.

    Tennis is especially good to relieve stress, since hitting balls allows you to vent your anger in a healthy and enjoyable way.

    Great for the Heart
    As tennis is a sport which involves a lot of stopping and beginning the heart is trained to be able to work at intervals. The game is constantly moving and this makes your heart work more quickly. The heart rate decreases in the event of a break in the action. This is because your heart rate decreases when you are less active. This can improve your vascular system, as your heart can pump more blood every beat.

    It is not a seasonally-based sport.
    Tennis can be played year-round and is not like other sports. Make use of indoor courts in the winter months. When the weather gets hotter and you are able to play outdoors in any of the many tennis courts outdoors that are scattered throughout the country.

    Tennis is an excellent way to stay active throughout the year. It will help you keep your New Year’s resolutions on track, get prepared for summer (if you’re looking for this) or allow you to indulge at Christmas without guilt.

    This helps with weight loss
    It can assist you to lose weight. Because it is a great source of movement, this will aid in burning calories and fat. Studies have shown that a tennis player for an hour could generate up to 600 calories.

    Improves social abilities
    Not only is tennis beneficial physically however, it can have a positive mental impact. It is possible to improve your social abilities by joining a tennis club in your area or playing in tournaments. It is also an excellent way to keep the latest news with friends. you can play either one-on-one or with doubles.

    It is crucial to keep in mind that sportsmanship is extremely important. Whether you are watching The Australian Open, The French Open or even Wimbledon you’ll notice that at the end of each match, players courteously shake each other’s hand as well as the umpires. Tennis is a game where you can win and lose in a manner that is as smooth as you can. This same principle can be applied to daily life.

    Makes Bones Stronger
    It is referred to as a weight-bearing sports it forces you to push against gravity as your legs and feet carry the weight of your body. This helps to create new bone mass and therefore enhances the health and strength of your bones. This kind of exercise is beneficial for teens and children according to the National Health Institute. The growth of bone mass is greater in the teen years than during the puberty stage. It’s a great family sport.

    Develops and improves the Work Ethic
    As with all things in life, it is essential to work at it in order to be a success. Tennis is a game that requires plenty of discipline, determination and the most important thing, passion.

    By focusing on these three factors, you can improve skillset, achieve your goals and be a pro. This will help you to have a better attitude to work and to see the possibilities of what you can accomplish if you put your mind into it.

    Everyone Can Play
    The main attraction of this sport is that anybody can participate. From children to elderly, this sport is enjoyed by generations because of its high sportsmanship values and fun nature. It is a great sport regardless of age, fitness level, or skill set. Therefore, if you’re looking for a fun method to pass your afternoon or are struggling to come up with a strategy to keep your children entertained during the holidays, tennis is a top option.

    Tennis is a sport that brings families and nations to one another, whether it’s playing on the court or watching on the telly (or in the stadium, if lucky). Tennis is a great sport that can improve both your mental and physical well-being.

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    Thanks for this interesting commentary. An interview about the value of playing tennis in education could be interesting for a coming episode of the podcast Teachers´s Voices

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