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21st Century Learning, ADHD, Children Behavior, Education technology, Individual differences, Learning environment / 11.11.2022

How can educators and caregivers better understand the needs of students who particularly struggle to stay engaged in a world full of distractions? Does allowing choice in the classroom better support the differing needs of all students? Why is teacher-family communication and collaboration so crucial for children who need extra support? In this episode, Nina talks to teachers around the world about helping students who may find it difficult to stay on task, thrive in the classroom and beyond.  Cindy Anne, from Guangzhou in China, Rachel from Philadelphia in the...

21st Century Learning, ADHD, Digital Age, e-learning, Education technology, Individual differences, Learning environment / 11.11.2022

What impact does distractibility have on learning and development? How can digital tools help students manage digital distractions? What makes a supportive learning environment for students with ADHD? In this episode, Nina Alonso speaks to Assistant Professor Melissa Dvorsky about the impact of distractibility on learning and development. Melissa also discusses the rise of digital education during the pandemic and how that impacted students with ADHD.  Nina also meets Bryan Dinner, a social entrepreneur with personal experience of growing up and living with ADHD. Bryan talks about a tool he...