21st Century Learning
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21st Century Learning, 21st Century Skills, Children, Children Behavior, Cultural Learning, Education, Learning, Teacher, Teacher training, Teaching / 19.10.2021

Children need to develop reasoning skills in order to carry out problem solving in the real world, says Professor Lindsey Richland. But what are reasoning skills and why are they so important for children to learn, and what role can teachers play in helping develop them? Lindsey explains:  “When we are learning how to reason and how to use that information, teachers are able to use those resources in really important ways so [children] can be productive in lots of different kinds of long term career trajectories.” - Lindsey We also...

21st Century Learning, Classroom, Education, Guided Play, Play, Playtime, School, Teacher, Teacher training / 22.09.2021

In this special episode, Nina is joined firstly by Gemma Wirz, Editor in Chief of BOLD to discuss the show’s journey so far, and to pause and reflect once more on why it’s so important to listen to teachers’ voices: “I have always been fascinated by oral traditions and communication as a means of disseminating culture and education. I believe that teachers’ stories need to be shared. They deserve the power and intimacy of the voice.” - Nina Hear why Gemma joined the podcast, why she believes it’s so important to...