How technology can encourage collaborative learning
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How technology can encourage collaborative learning

Today’s episode is a collaboration with Sophie Bailey, from the Edtech podcast. Nina and Sophie explore the theme of collaborative learning using education technology. 

How are researchers collaborating with children to co-design new technology? What’s the role of teachers in working with technology? How can technology be utilised in more challenging teaching environments?

To find out more, Nina and Sophie talk to Jason Yip, assistant professor of digital youth at The Information School at the University of Washington and Koen Timmers, a lecturer, author and founder of several global educational projects.

Find out more about the guests, their projects, and their recommendations:

Sophie Bailey – The Edtech Podcast

Professor Diana Laurillard
The British Esports Association
My secret Edtech diary

Jason Yip
Kids team

Koen Timmers
The Kakuma project
RACHEL (Remote Area Community Hotspot for Education and Learning)

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