Experimental Education
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21st Century Learning, 21st Century Skills, Adaptive Teaching, Digital Age, Education, Educator, Experimental Education, Learning, Pedagogy, STEM, Teacher, Teacher training, Virtual / 01.12.2021

Our world is evolving so quickly and the skills that students needed to thrive just a few years ago are fast becoming obsolete. So what 21st century core competencies do students need to learn to succeed in our modern world? In this episode we are joined by two inspiring teachers, Enzil and Samaya, who, despite working in very different places – The Bahamas and Nepal - and teaching very different subjects - drama and technology –  both prioritize strategies that develop 21st century skills. Our special guest today, framing the...

Adaptive Teaching, Bilingual, Classroom, Experimental Education, Identity, Learning, Motivation, Multilingualism, Research Fellow, School, Self-Confidence, Teacher, Teacher training, Teaching / 14.09.2021

This episode has some discussion around bulimia and mental health issues. Listener discretion is advised. If you’re an educator keen to learn more about motivation and self esteem in children’s learning, don’t miss Eddie Brummelman, a researcher studying children's growing understanding of themselves as individuals, how children develop self-views, how these self-views shape mental health and educational outcomes, and how interventions that target self-views can help at-risk children flourish. “Self esteem shapes how children look at themselves, but also how they look at their social environment, but also how they...