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Adaptive Teaching, Bilingual, Child Wellbeing, Children, Education, Educator, Informal education, Language Development, Language Skills, Learning, Literacy, Multilingualism, Reading, Refugee Children, Refugees, School, Teacher, Teacher training, Teaching / 14.09.2021

Why is literature and storytelling so important for children and adolescents? This is the topic we explore in this latest episode of Teachers’ Voices with our special guest, Evelyn Arizpe, an expert in children's literature and literacy. Evelyn pioneered research into children’s responses to picturebooks and visual literacy and, in the last decade, her research has focused on migration and displacement, building on this to develop a programme for migrant readers. “When you have nothing, when you have lost your home, when you have lost your material possessions, when...

Adaptive Teaching, Bilingual, Children, Cultural Learning, Early Education, Early Language Development, Education, Language Acquisition, Language Development, Language Skills, Learning, Literacy, Multilingualism, Neuroscience, Primary School, School, Teacher, Teacher training, Teaching, Youth Development / 14.09.2021

If you’re an educator supporting children learning various languages, at different developmental stages and in different contexts and geographies, then don’t miss Kaja Jasinska, a cognitive neuroscientist interested in understanding how early life experience changes the brain’s capacity for language and learning.  “We found that school children who are learning two languages from birth actually outperform monolingual children on tasks that measure a child’s awareness of and ability to manipulate sounds of languages.” As well as Kaja’s insights, in this episode we hear from three teachers in different geographical regions...