Climate Education
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In this special mini episode of Teachers’ Voices, Nina Alonso recaps some of the resources her guests have shared with her so far this season. With a particular focus on teachers working to engage their students with environmental issues at local and global levels, listen in for tips, resources and sources of inspiration. Guests Terry Godwaldt is on Twitter and Linkedin.Manuela Valentim is on Twitter or visit her website. Resources The Centre for Global Education – TwitterKoen Timmers - Educator, Author, SpeakerClimate Action ProjectHashem Al-Ghaili (instagram) Nina's recommendations for picture books about environment and conservation A Handful of Seeds by Monica Hughes Belonging by...

Child Wellbeing, Children, Climate Education, Education, Education policy / 23.08.2022

Climate change can be an overwhelming concept for young people. But perhaps it can be made easier to understand and relate to by demonstrating local impacts and showing students how young people all over the world are dealing with similar issues.  How does youth activism support learning opportunities? What are the components of learning that best support ‘green life skills education’? How are teachers already helping students develop these skills, with vastly different access to resources? In this episode, Nina talks to Christina Kwauk, an interdisciplinary researcher specialising in international...