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Sin categoría / 14.09.2021

In this episode of Teachers’ Voices, we explore the challenges of teaching and learning under adverse conditions with special guest, Willem Frankenhuis. Willem is an expert in developmental psychology, and specialises in social and cognitive skills and abilities that might be enhanced in harsh and unpredictable environments. Willem discusses why it’s so important to take adversity into account when talking about supporting children's learning, and suggests techniques that teachers can learn or might be able to use to help students who are learning under adverse conditions. “One of the things...

Sin categoría / 04.07.2021

Welcome to the first episode of Teachers’ Voices where you’ll hear three very different stories of teachers teaching in very different learning environments. These educators all share a passionate commitment to the particular needs of individual learners. Joining Nina today is our special guest, Nora Marketos. Nora is the co-lead of the Learning Schools portfolio of the Jacobs Foundation and in her role she supports schools and school networks worldwide to develop, share and replicate promising and best practices that improve learning outcomes in diverse classroom contexts. “This podcast brings together teachers’ voices in...