Family engagement
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21st Century Learning, 21st Century Skills, Cultural Learning, Education, Education System, Educational Skills, Educator, Family engagement, Language Skills, Learning, Motivation, Multilingualism, Self-Steem / 18.01.2022

Investing in children’s foundational educational skills is key to their learning and development, as these skills are the building blocks for other life skills and further education, says Professor Ricardo Sabates, a researcher dedicated to equipping out-of-school children in the global south with basic numeracy, reading and writing skills. “One of the challenges that we have is that when children are not able to reach these foundational skills, when the curriculum that the teachers are trying to teach is further advanced than the capabilities and understanding of concepts of...

Classroom, Early Education, Education, Educator, Family engagement, Parent engagement, Parents, School, Teacher, Teacher training, Teaching / 16.11.2021

One key aspect of children’s lives and development which many of the teachers we have spoken to for this podcast have mentioned, regardless of who they’re teaching and where they are, is the relevance of parental and family engagement in children’s education.  Their observations mirror the findings of today’s guest Sharon Wolf, an applied developmental psychologist interested in how young children’s social environments - specifically their families and schools - shape their development. “Parents' involvement really can enhance the children’s academic outcomes. Not just how they engage in school, but...