How helping young people find their voices can build trust
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How helping young people find their voices can build trust

How can we help young people find their voices through activism and collaboration? And why is this an important element of education?

In this episode, Nina explores the many benefits that come from supporting youth activism – from building leadership skills to promoting empathy. 

While each guest has a different international perspective – they are based in India, Canada and Trinidad – all three work collaboratively with schools and students at a local, regional and international level to support young people in their mission to build a more sustainable future.

Episode Highlights

  • [04:07] Meet Terry Godwaldt
  • [05:38] Global vision, local impact
  • [07:40] Global leadership schools
  • [10:14] Empowering young people
  • [11:50] Meet Annapurna Chintaluri
  • [12:50] Exposure to research
  • [13:32] Video-conferencing with scientists
  • [15:09] Student-driven initiatives
  • [17:11] Meet Wendy Mack
  • [18:31] School environment club
  • [19:43] Activities around the Sustainable Development Goals
  • [23:37] Wendy’s advice and tips


You can find Annapurna Chintaluri on Twitter.

Terry Godwaldt is on Twitter and Linkedin.

Wendy Mack is on Twitter

More information on the topics in this episode

The Centre for Global Education – Twitter

The Decarbonized project – Get involved 

UNESCO associated schools network – Twitter

UN Climate Change Conference

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