Building communities through Teachers’ Voices
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Building communities through Teachers’ Voices

In this special episode, Nina is joined firstly by Gemma Wirz, Editor in Chief of BOLD to discuss the show’s journey so far, and to pause and reflect once more on why it’s so important to listen to teachers’ voices:

“I have always been fascinated by oral traditions and communication as a means of disseminating culture and education. I believe that teachers’ stories need to be shared. They deserve the power and intimacy of the voice.” – Nina

Hear why Gemma joined the podcast, why she believes it’s so important to bring educators, researchers, parents and policy makers together, the global challenge of teaching during the pandemic, and the shared passion and creativity that all teachers have for making learning possible for students. 

“Right from the first time I heard your idea for a podcast that brings teachers and researchers together and lets teachers tell their own, powerful stories in their own words, I was hooked.” – Gemma

Next we meet Tobias Heiberg Jorgensen, who has experience as both a teacher and leader of teacher education programmes. Tobias leads the Playful Learning Programme in Denmark, a nationwide partnership between The LEGO Foundation and universities and colleges in Denmark.

“You cannot tell teachers what to do. You can’t give them one recipe, one method but  you can give them a frame to develop and reflect and to ask. And this is what I guess you do try to inspire through your podcast and the playful learning programme is basically with the same vision I guess.” – Tobias

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On today’s podcast:

  • Why we need to elevate teachers’ voices
  • What all educators have in common
  • World Teachers’ Day 
  • The role of play in learning
  • Creating a community of practice 
Nina Alonso
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