The lifelong impact educators can have on children
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The lifelong impact educators can have on children

We all remember that one teacher from school who had a long lasting positive impact on us. In this episode, we hear once more from a variety of educators around the world, each one sharing why they’re so passionate about preparing children for their future.

First we hear from Nadia in New York: 

“The long impact that teachers have is we do things that we are passionate about, from our heart we pour into the lives of children not knowing where that would lead and we will not often have the opportunity of hearing how we’ve changed their lives.” – Nadia

We also hear again from Jose Luis, in Singapore, and from Pamela, in South Africa: 

“I believe that teaching is not only about academics. I’m very passionate about giving and helping children gain skills in developing socially, building their self-esteem and having a positive outlook towards school and life in general.” – Pamela

Diana in the Gaza Strip highlights the need to support other teachers and keep them motivated during turbulent times, because the key to the success of any educational experience is the teacher. This is a view also held by Olasunkanmi in Nigeria, who during the pandemic created a digital platform to enable collaboration among educators. 

So if you’re an educator, wherever you are in the world, and you are looking for ways to improve your teaching practice, download and listen to Teachers’ Voices. Here you’ll find incredible dialogue from a variety of teachers all in different locations, discussing the latest pedagogical research and how they’re implementing it in their daily teaching. 

Nina Alonso
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